Built to Last Stationary Cement Silos

Custom Discharge Clearance

Custom Discharge Clearance


STationary silos

Built with quality, built to last. There is a saying, "Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising," and we absolutely believe that. It makes sense that most of our stationary cement silo customers are repeat customers because we bring that mindset into the work we do every day.

We offer a variety of options to go with your STATIONARY CEMENT silo. 

* Most sizes are Powder Coated

* Custom Sized Screws

* Scale systems and cement batching packages

* Drive Thru & Straight Stands of all sizes

* Work Platforms

* Bin Level Indicators, Warning Light Packages, etc.

Why Stationary Cement Silos?

If you need to store a large amount of cement in a silo, a stationary cement silo can be ideal for you—whether you’re a cement company, a ready-mix company, or a batch plant.

Ideal for Several Industries

Our cement silos are ideal for various industries and applications. They can even accommodate the gold mining industry by storing and discharging hydrated time in their mining process. You can achieve peace of mind knowing that our cement silo solutions will provide an avenue for increased productivity.

Why Montana Tank Works

At Montana Tank Works, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer top-quality cement silos. Our Montana-based team works with companies around the world and strives to provide nothing short of the best service, regardless of the silo solutions our customers seek.


Stationary Standard Features

* Sizes vary from 185bbl to 1050bbl. Standard sizes are 185bbl, 270bbl, 350bbl, 450bbl, 550bbl, 700bbl, 900bbl, and 1050bbl.

* Custom Sizes are available, and we can design custom capacity silos to stay within your height restrictions

* For more information and specs please contact us at sales@montanatankworks .com or give us a call.

Please give us a call (406) 254-1930 or email us at sales@montanatankworks.com for more information.