Count on Our Dependable Screw Conveyor Manufacturers


We make a lot of screw conveyors

Our screw conveyors, also known as auger conveyors, can vary from 6" to 12" at lengths of up to 40'+ and with a discharge rate of up to 220 tons an hour. As leading screw conveyor manufacturers, we are able to offer gas driven screws, single phase, three phase, or hydraulic and offer variable speed drives.

Customized for Your Business

Montana Tank Works can create custom sized screws to accommodate the varied needs of every business and application. The many size options that we have for our custom sized screws ensures that there will be an ideal type for your business—whether you work in the cement, ready mix, or batch plant industry.

Plus, the custom sized screws we provide are more cost efficient than most aeromechanical, belt, and pneumatic screws. Enclosed screw conveyors from Montana Tank Works are also ideal for use in hazardous, corrosive, and dusty environments.

Bringing Efficiency to Your Business

Screw conveyors possess several benefits—but they are most notably very versatile. They can contain multiple inlet and discharge points, handle a variety of bulk materials, and can even mix different products together.

These are just some of the many benefits our screw conveyors possess.

Why Go with Us?

We’ve become a trusted company with increasing sales numbers because our clients are always satisfied and continue to recommend our services. We’re based out of Billings, Montana, so there’s no sales tax for customers here in Big Sky Country. But don’t worry if your state has sales tax. Our high-performance equipment is a great value, no matter where you live.


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